What is portable appliance testing?


What is portable appliance testing

Portable appliance testing is when electrical appliances are tested to ensure safety.

You may often hear it referred to as PAT testing or electrical equipment testing.

If you need some additional information about portable appliance testing, we’ve put together this guide to answer your questions.

What is the law surrounding portable appliance testing?

Health and safety laws (such as The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989) state you need to make sure your electrical equipment is safe to use.
Portable appliance testing is the easiest way to do this.

More information about portable appliance testing regulations and the law.

What price should I pay for portable appliance testing?

Portable appliance testing is typically priced per unit. By unit, we mean anything with its own main supply.

This means the price you pay will depend on how many units need testing in your building. If you don’t know, forward the portable appliance testing company a copy of your last PAT testing report or your most up to date asset list.

What is a portable appliance test certificate?

After your portable appliance testing is complete, you’ll be sent a portable appliance test certificate that shows you comply with health and safety regulations. This comes in two parts.

The first part summarises your testing, showing you have undergone portable appliance testing, and your equipment is safe for use.
This certificate has an expiry date based on when we recommend retesting is done.

Certificate of compliance - PAT testingThe second part lists all the equipment that was tested and whether it passed or failed inspection. Not all portable appliance testing companies do this, but at Hawkesworth, we also include photos of the equipment that has failed inspection, so you can see why this was the case.

Electrical equipment testing report

Keep your portable appliance test certificate safe – your insurance company or external auditors may request to see it.

What is the timespan for portable appliance testing inspection?

Many people think you need portable appliance testing carried out once a year, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

The 5th edition In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment code of practice recommends you undergo a risk assessment to determine the frequency that portable appliance testing needs to be carried out.

Different types of equipment in different working environments need testing at different frequencies. For example, the equipment on a construction site will need testing more often than printers and monitors in an office.

Does portable appliance testing need to be undertaken in private homes?

Portable appliance testing doesn’t need to be carried out in private or residential homes. However, if you’re a landlord, it’s an excellent way to ensure that the electrical equipment you provide to tenants, like fridges and washing machines, is safe.

The only exception is in Scotland, where portable appliance testing must be carried out in rental properties every five years.

You can rely on Hawkesworth to help you with your portable appliance testing requirements

If you’re looking for a portable appliance tester near you, we have a network of over 100 engineers across the UK and can provide testing at a time and on a day that suits your needs.

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