National Badminton Centre – electrical equipment testing in leisure facilities

It is crucial to ensure that electrical equipment is thoroughly tested in leisure facilities and gyms. 

Not only does this ensure that equipment stays safe, but reduces the risk of it breaking down and inconveniencing customers.

National Badminton Centre – electrical equipment testing in leisure facilities

About the National Badminton Centre

We carry out electrical equipment testing (also known as PAT testing) for the National Badminton Centre (NBC) in Milton Keynes. This building not only is the training ground of the England Badminton team, but is a gym, leisure centre, hotel, and museum open to the public.

Hawkesworth tests the centre's electrical equipment on an annual basis. We check a wide range of equipment including televisions, gym equipment, tills, vending machines and extension leads.

The problem

Leisure centres and gyms have long opening hours. For example, the centre is open to the public from 06:30 am to 11 pm, with staff accessing the building outside of these hours. 

This means that any essential maintenance work needs to take place outside of opening hours, to prevent as little disruption to customers and staff as possible.

Flexibility in leisure centres and gyms is also needed. Class schedules regularly change meaning that maintenance providers need to be as accommodating as possible.

For example, the NBC recently held a badminton tournament which meant our engineer needed to PAT test electrical equipment in certain rooms around matches.

The solution

Hawkesworth offers flexible electrical equipment testing to all customers, with equipment checks outside regular working hours. PAT testing is available early mornings and evenings, as well as weekends.

If the centre needs to reschedule their testing for another day, all they need to do is call or email their dedicated account manager at Hawkesworth, who will arrange this on their behalf.

“One of the reasons why we like using Hawkesworth for our testing is because they can work around our requirements.

“We recently had to rearrange testing to take place on a different day – Hawkesworth sorted this out for us quickly and provided clear communication every step of the way - Lauryn Crawford, Operations Manager, NBC

If you are looking for PAT testing for your leisure facility, sports hall or gym, Hawkesworth is here to help.

We provide a high-quality service to help ensure that your equipment is safe and works at maximum efficiency.

Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote.

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